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Walker Buckalew completed his undergraduate studies at Duke University, where he was a midshipman in the university’s NROTC program. Upon graduation, he was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Navy, and completed his active-duty commitment on board the USS Constellation, a Seventh Fleet attack aircraft carrier, with home port in San Diego and secondary ports in Pearl Harbor and Yokosuka, Japan. 


Following his military service, Buckalew embarked upon a career in education. With graduate degrees from the University of Wyoming, he taught at St. Lawrence University (NY), the University of North Carolina Asheville, and Cumberland University (TN), where he became president and chief academic officer. 


He then served as the senior writer for Independent School Management, a consulting firm serving private schools throughout the U.S., Canada, and abroad. He and his wife, Dr. Linda Mason Hall, live in Greer, SC. 


Previous novels in Dr. Buckalew’s Rebecca Series include:

  • The Face of the Enemy 

  • By Many or By Few 

  • Such Thy Mercies 

  • Choose You This Day

Walker’s Faith & Inspiration

I became a Christian when, as a 19-year-old sophomore at Duke University, a new friend loaned me a book and asked me to read it. I’d never heard of the author or the title. Someone called Clive Staples Lewis. Something called Mere Christianity.

Decades have passed, yet I have never stopped reading C. S. Lewis. So, in the summer of the year 2000, when my wife Linda asked rhetorically, “What would you do if you retired tomorrow?” the answer seemed to pop out on its own: “I think I’d try to write Christian-themed action/mystery fiction in the C. S. Lewis tradition. Something similar to his That Hideous Strength. In that book a small band of Christians tries first to comprehend an especially convoluted mystery, then, having deciphered the mystery, tries to overcome the insidious and barely imaginable Evil that underlies it. All of this with Supernature flowing through every page.

Once I had said that aloud, the idea grew legs and ran. When, that fall, we took a long-planned week-long trip to the town of St. David’s on the coast of Wales, The Face of the Enemy was conceived.

I knew from the first that there would be at least three novels in the Rebecca Series. We were, however, careful never to refer to those books as a trilogy, knowing always that there might well be any number in the series.

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