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Choose You this Day 

Luke Manguson isn’t your typical 29-year-old. With deep scars on his left cheek, biceps bursting from his sleeves and a handsome angular jaw, Luke’s tough exterior conceals a pure heart that is deeply committed to his Christian faith. Fans of The Rebecca Series know him as the indispensable twin brother of Walker Buckalew’s storied heroine, and in Choose You this Day, the fourth novel in the series, readers get to know Luke even better.


As the school year winds down and Luke prepares for a special date with his new sweetheart, fellow teacher Kory van Dijk, the supernatural visions that have sparked Luke’s summertime adventures for the past three years flare up once again. With his sister, Rebecca, caring for her newborn twins, Luke is called to action as Rebecca’s visions reveal a sinister plot to murder hundreds of Christian heroes across the globe. 


Weaving historic themes of faith, courage and supernatural forces, Walker Buckalew’s fourth novel spins a tale of action and intrigue that follows Luke, Kory and their comrades on a lightning-quick race to stop their new enemy’s evil scheme. In Choose You this Day, Buckalew has penned another timeless story in his signature style: expertly rendered plot, breathtakingly detailed narrative and a beloved cast of endearingly human heroes. Readers will be inspired by the power of simple faith and earnest prayer to defeat the forces of evil on a global scale, as Luke and his allies prove once again what a small band of believers can achieve. 

“I read the first one while I was there in Houston, but saved the others. Somehow, when I got back to Voyager in January I never picked up #2 or #3 — had them tucked away, and when packing for this trip, decided it was time to enjoy the other two. But first, I wanted to re-read the first one. Having done that, and going on to the next one, and the next, I couldn't stop reading!! This week was a nice time of relaxation — and what a treat they were! Buckalew is an outstanding writer — excellent use of language, theology, lots of action. I've been looking on the internet and can't find if he is writing or plans to write more in the series. He seems to have "tied up" all of the characters at the end of the third book, so perhaps he intended only 3 in the series. His writings have a great impact on the reader. When we stay our 10 days at Lisa's, Malcolm plans to read them. Then we can leave them with Lisa to read next. Thanks much for choosing such a wonderful gift."

Angela Scott, Houston TX

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