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Such Thy Mercies

Newly married, Rebecca and Matt Clark are settled into a quiet life in London. Almost a year has passed since they risked their lives to prevent a powerful evil from falsely indoctrinating the minds of American children. When Rebecca receives a prophetic vision, the young woman, her husband, and her twin brother, Luke, are once again called upon to protect the innocent and thwart the plans of the Enemy.


A continent away, Bible scholar Dr. Eleanor Chapel faces her own battle. Invited to co-chair Congressus Evangelicus III, and international conference that shapes the role of the worldwide Church, Dr. Chapel learns that someone or something doesn’t want her there. The kidnapping of the scholar’s family in Rome sparks a series of events that sends Rebecca, Matt, and Luke across the continent of Europe to find them, while Dr. Chapel and her husband, detective Sid Belton, stay behind to prevent Congressus from making a decision that will forever diminish the effectiveness of the Church. Somehow Rebecca’s visions, the kidnapping, the suspicious Italian nationals lurking around, and the people who want to get rid of Dr. Chapel are connected. In an ultimate showdown, Rebecca finds herself face-to-face with an old enemy and in the grips of an even more powerful and vicious supernatural evil.

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“While spinning a tale of mystery equal, in my opinion, to many popular authors, Walker Buckalew masterfully weaves compelling spiritual themes and concepts into the story line. Do angels exist, and if so, how do we experience them?... How many of us could concisely articulate our belief in God in its totality? What do we truly believe God is capable of achieving?....
Weighty stuff for a mystery novel junkie! But I find myself anxiously waiting for others to read this book so that I can engage in a discussion of all these questions and more…. [I look forward to] the spiritual journey that awaits me as I ponder the thoughts this book inspires.”

 Julia Pearce, contributor Delaware Companion

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