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Winner of the Silver Medal for Best Religious Fiction

The Independent Publishers Association


By Many or By Few

Compelling, well-written, and action-packed, By Many or By Few, the second entry in an outstanding series, stands out among recent spiritual thrillers in presenting an entertaining mystery while adhering to Christian truth.


Rebecca Manguson travels to New York for a tender reunion with Matt Clark, the dashing former U.S. Navy officer with whom she survived a life-and-death battle in the timeless war of good versus evil. Within hours of arriving, however, she finds herself escaping from a kidnapping attempt and on the run, hiding from the man she should have been able to trust, heart, spirit, and soul.


Something ancient is at work, something that seeks to use American society to plant insidious seeds of evil in the minds and morals of its most vulnerable and hopeful citizens – children.


Uncovering and preventing this conspiracy takes Rebecca, her twin brother, Luke, detective Sid Belton, Bible scholar Dr. Eleanor Chapel, and a tested-but-renewed Matt from the gritty streets of Manhattan to the scenic shores of Chesapeake Bay, where Rebecca finds herself caught in a desperate showdown to prevent the death of a world leader and the domino effect that would allow corruption and destruction.

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“I feel that I am a better person for having read By Many or By Few. It made me realize that in the hectic rush of everyday life, I sometimes forget what is most important. Prayer is so powerful, and sometimes I forget to call on the power and help that is there simply for the asking. One line in particular touched me very deeply. When Rebecca is swimming – trying to get back to her friends – and she realizes she is reaching the limits of her seemingly limitless resources, the calmly accepts what God has in store for her. I marked this passage and have read it several times: “Isolated, an infinitesimal speck in one sense, the center of God’s universe in another, she actually smiled.” What a beautiful, clear way to express a profound truth...” 

Bobbie Speck, Lebanon, TN

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